Wax Liquidizers Have Become Very Popular – Here’s Why

  1. You can Create Your Own Custom Flavor and blends of concentrate infused e liquid.
  2. Liquidizers Save You Money – Less than half the cost of dispensary pens.
  3. You Can Re-use Cartridges and Contribute to Waste Reduction and Sustainability.

Our Test Results Based On Taste, Mixing and Customer Service

1. Terps USA Original Liquidizer

We found the Terps USA Original Liquidizer (flavorless) to be the smoothest on the market. It mixed well with live resin and wax. We had a few questions and found their customer service to be superior to any other company we contacted. Their products can be found on Amazon and larger volumes at discounted prices are on their website terpusa.com

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2. Terps USA Zkittlez Liquidizer

We found very few liquidizers that were offered with strain flavors. Out of all the strain flavor liquidizers we tried Terps USA provide the best flavor and smoothest product. We had already experienced their customer service and new it was great. We had no need to call them as everything was very fast and easy. This product can be found on Amazon and at terpsusa.com the website offers better prices if buying more than 1 bottle.

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3. LQDIZE Pineapple Liquidizer

For fruit flavor liquidizers these guys can’t be beat. The cost value is excellent. The liquidizer comes with a great little kit and the flavor was excellent. We also tried the Wintergreen. It only had very few reviews on Amazon – it is a real sleeper. It is one of our favorite flavors of all the liquidizers we tried. LQDIZE is available on Amazon and their website lqdize.com

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4. Pure Liquidizer Original

Pure offers their flavorless kit on Amazon. Do not use the plastic container for mixing in the microwave! (We found out the hard way) We tried to call but there is no phone number on their website. The liquidizer was good but not as smooth as the Terps USA flavorless. You can order on Amazon or pureliquidizer.com

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5. Pure Sour Diesel

Pure was the other large brand that offered a terpene / strain type liquidizer. The flavor was very heavy on a lime – lemon/lime citric taste. It comes with a nice kit. This time we used the container for storage and not mixing : ) It mixed well and the flavor was not bad… it just didn’t taste like Sour Diesel. This liquidizer is available on Amazon and at pureliquidizer.com

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6. East Coast Terpenes Pure Flavorless

This product was shipped nicely and mixed well. It is advertised as a Natural derived liquidizer with no ingredients listed. It does have a harsher taste on the back of the throat than the Pure and Terps USA Flavorless we tested. It mixed well and was clearly labeled with the Manufacturer name. The choice of using the competitors brand name for the product line – ”Pure” is an interesting choice. Their liquidize is available on Amazon

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7. Kind Liquidizer Flavorless

This product comes with no syringe or kit. The product was harsher than the others. It is listed as “Brand Generic” on Amazon. The products are labeled Kind Liquidizer, Kind Terps and the labels look similar to a brand called Kind Terpenes but they are not sold under the brand name. Not sure who the manufacture is but all other products we tested were clearly marked by the Brand Name not “Generic” A bit iffy in our opinion. You can find this product on Amazon

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8. Wax Liquidizer Original

Wax Liquidizer was one of the first liquidizers on the market. It seems Time Has Passed Them Bye. The Original we used did not mix well with live resin and separated. Customer service seemed to be a call center that had little to no knowledge of the product and insisted we email the company. None of our emails were returned. We did contact Wax Liquidizer UK and got an immediate response. We were informed they were not associated with Wax Liquidizer USA. They did offer us advice on mixing. We did not test their products you can reach them at: waxliquidizer.co.uk

The flavors, strains and use of these products is new to many consumers. Liquidizer Reviews has found many liquidizers available on todays market. This includes Amazon and other websites.

We have taken an open minded approach and tested a few products from the main players in the game. We have tested single versions of the lesser known brands. Let us know if you have a brand you want tested.